About Digital Doctor


Digital Doctor is a Hertfordshire (UK) based company specialising in digital editing, CD mastering and CD and CD-ROM manufacture. We originally started as an offshoot of Novasonics studio, because of a need for musicians to be involved with the digital editing and post-production of their music. As time went on, this logically progressed to include CD mastering, and later, CD manufacture on a brokerage basis. One of the main objects of our existance is to allow musicians to stay in control of their music, right up to the finished product. During the past 3 years, we have also become involved in software origination for the audio professional, having released showcontrolpro for MacOSX and Windows XP, and X-SpatFX for the X-Spat card (made by A & G Soluzioni Digitali). Showcontrolpro version 3 is now available for OSX, which provides support for the x-spat card, allowing eight channels of 3-D audio.

go to version 3.0 page at www.showcontrolpro.co.uk

Whether your needs are digital editing, post production, manufacture, or sleeve layout and design, we have the technology, expertise, and experience to help you.

We have several Mac-based Digidesign™ systems, including ProTools-HD Accel (for more info on Digidesign™ technology, see www.digidesign.com)


PowerMac G4 2Ghz running ProTools 6. 192 HD I/O, ProControl, ADAT interface, 1 Tb Hard Drive storage, All the Waves™ v5 plug-ins (for more info on Waves™ products, visit www.waves.com), Autotune™, Lexiverb™, Pro Audio Analyser™, TC Megareverb. Mastering using Masterlist CD™ v2.3, Toast, Jam, Peak. Mastering in 5.1 also available.

Turnround for CD Manufacture

On receipt of all the parts (artwork on film or CD-R (surcharges apply for output to film), production master on DAT or CD-R) normal turnround is 10 working days.


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