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Our latest Special Offers for a limited period

500 x CDLP or CD-ROM: only £595 + VAT

1000 x CDLP or CD-ROM: only £850 + VAT

 (* no hidden extras! Price includes mastering from your DAT, Glass Master, 2 colour on body print, jewel case, 4pp booklet printed full colour front and back, B/W inside, and full colour traycard. Artwork to be supplied as films)


Verbatim CD-R74 blanks:

1 - 10
99p each
P & P (UK) £1.30p
11 - 50
90p each
P & P (UK) £2.99p
51 - 100
85 p each
P & P (UK) £3.99p

(*VAT not included)(Coming soon! Purchase Online!)


CD-R74 blanks printed with your company logo!:

1 - 10
£1.50p each
P & P (UK) £1.30p
11 - 50
£1.40p each
P & P (UK) £2.99p
51 - 100
£1.25p each
P & P (UK) £3.99p

Duplicated CD-ROMs and CDs spindled, (no jewel case) including 4 colour on-body print:

90p each
= £528.75p inc VAT
67p each
= £787.25p inc VAT


We also have an 'A la Carte' manufacturing menu!

The prices below are from your Exabyte DDP or CD-R master, and artwork supplied as films.

glass master: CDEP


glass master: CDLP


500 x CDEP or CDLP

each: 75p

1000 x CDEP or CDLP

each: 60p

2000 x CDEP or CDLP

each: 56p

3000 x CDEP or CDLP

each: 50p

4000 x CDEP or CDLP (4000 and up, glass master free of charge)

each: 48p

10,000 x CDEP or CDLP

each: 47p


CD-R duplication and on -body printing:

1 x CD-R from CD master each: £2.50p
4 x CD-R (same material) each: £2.00p
10+ x CD-R
each: £1.50p
These prices include a simple colour on-body print. For more complex on body designs, please call! For CD-R duplication from DAT tape, add £25 pre-mastering fee.


Prices do not include VAT @ 17.5%

UK VAT reg no: 657 4013 40